The value of Italian luxury brands continues to grow

Jun 28, 2023 1223

Since the end of 2022, the luxury sector continues to demonstrate remarkable strength and resilience, with many stocks in the sector performing better than other sectors, pushing up all major Old Continent listings. This performance of the luxury sector is also well observed by the Msci Europe Luxury, the index summarizing the performance of luxury stocks in Europe, which shows an advance of more than 22 percent since the beginning of the year.

The Porsche brand is confirmed as the world's most valuable luxury brand. The Gucci brand continues to dominate among Italian brands, at fourth place this year. While Porsche is the brand with the highest financial value, Ferrari is once again confirmed as the strongest brand, that is, the brand that most influences stakeholder choices with a strength indicator of 90.7 out of 100 equivalent to a AAA+ brand rating.

Of note is the strong growth in the value of the Lamborghini brand, which realized a 123% increase in value is the fastest growing luxury brand. Lamborghini now shows a brand value of $4.3 billion climbs 12 positions to 18th place among the most valuable brands.

If we take Italian luxury brands as a reference, we see how the 15 Italian brands that are in the ranking have overall increased in value in line with the average of the other brands in the ranking.

In addition to the strong growth of Lamborghini, that of Prada emerges, which, with a 34 percent increase in value, is among the brands with the highest growth.

Also in the ranking are:

Bottega Veneta,
Dolce & Gabbana,

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