World’s largest thermodynamic solar power plant will run on Italian technology

Feb 02, 2016 325

by Katy Mandurino

Along the Silk Road, in an area between China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, China is building the world's largest plant for the production of thermodynamic solar power. The technology is innovative and is entirely Italian: using the latest generation of lightweight mirror panels, made by the Veneto-based group, Reflex Solar from Biancade (province of Treviso) and molten salt technology, not oil, developed by Enea with Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubbia.

The contract for Reflex Solar, which owns the Biancade glassmaking company, Angelo Spa, Reflex Spa and Reflex Solar Power for a total of 120 employees and a turnover of €20 million, was awarded by the industrial group Tianjin Binhai Concentrating Solar Power Investment Co., Ltd. and includes the license for the manufacturing in China of a first tranche of 6 million special mirrors as well as the furnishing of the necessary production facilities.

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