Author Anna Gatta’s new book “I AM WOMAN” is a powerful coming of age story following a young woman and one decision that would affect her the rest of her life

Jun 29, 2022 117

Anna Gatta, a successful businesswoman and proud family matriarch who immigrated from Italy, has completed her new book “I AM WOMAN”: a compelling tale about a woman growing up in a multiethnic neighborhood, facing the trials of womanhood. Gatta shares, “I Am Woman is a book about the many struggles women encounter that are not always spoken about (i.e., betrayal, abortion, illness, humiliation, abuse, failure, and success).

Although a work of fiction, I Am Woman is based on a culmination of life events that touches on a number of issues whether personal or perceived. It is peppered with a little humor while it depicts various incidences that occurred in a multiethnic neighborhood in days gone by.

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