INNOVATION DAYS: The Italian Trade Agency Brings Technological Excellence to the US.

Jun 17, 2018 582

The Italian Trade Agency launches "Innovation Days 2018", initiative aimed at highlighting Italy's position as a top solution provider to the US while encouraging engagements between some of the country's leading companies and universities to create and further enhance existing partnerships with their US counterparts in commercial and research areas.

The "Innovation Days" program is articulated in five individual sector initiatives, which will be followed by an institutional event in early 2019. Here is the calendar of events: June 25-29, 2018: Detroit & Chicago (Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing); October 10-12, 2018: San Francisco (Startups); November 27-28, 2018: Houston (Aerospace); December 4-6, 2018: Orlando (Renewable Energy); January 7-10, 2019: San Francisco (Biotech and Life Science); Beginning of 2019: Washington DC (Bilateral and Institutional).

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