13th Conference of Italian Researchers in the World Concludes with Great Success

Dec 06, 2018 2910

The 13th Conference of Italian Researchers in the World concluded with great success on December 1, 2018.  The event was organized by Comitato Tricolore per gli Italiani nel Mondo (CTIM) with the assistance of COMITES ~ Houston, which represents the Consular District including Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma, and with the support of the Consolato Generale d’Italia of Houston. 

This year’s Conference was held in Dallas, TX, for the first time since its inaugural year, and showcased Italian excellence in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Hi-Tech, and the Humanities.  Despite the complexity and sophistication of the subject matter, the individual presentations were communicated in a manner so as to be appreciated and understood by those without a scientific or research background.  This accessibility made the Conference beneficial and informative to the general public as well as issue experts. 

 The Conference ended with spirited round-table discussions examining Research Policies and Strategies, Research Funding, Cooperation Between US Research Centers and Other Entities, and the Role of the Young Generation of Researchers Abroad.  Participating were CTIM President and Consigliere of CGIE Vincenzo Arcobelli, Comites ~ Houston President Valter Della Nebbia, and newly appointed Italian Consul General for the Houston Consulate Federico Ciattaglia. 

The 13th Conference of Italian Researchers in the World continues to build on its history as a showcase of outstanding Italian research.  Because of its reputation for excellence, the event received official recognition from a variety of official entities including the the Senato della Repubblica, Camera dei Deputati, Ministero degli Affari Esteri e Cooperazione  Internazionale, Ministero della Salute, CNR (Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche), l’Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Presidente del Senato, Cons. CGIE in USA Vincenzo Arcobelli, the Governor of the State of Texas, and the Mayor of the City of Dallas.  With these recognitions as well as research presentations from Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA,  Boston, MA, and various locations in Italy, and day-long involvement by RAI Italian television, the Conference has established itself not only as a regional showcase but also as an event of national/international significance in the field of Italian research. 

For more information about all Conferences of Italian Researchers in the World, please visit the COMITES ~ Houston website at www.comites-houston.org/conferenza .

SOURCE: Mary Ann Webster

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