9 Fresh Uses For ‘Broccoli Rabe,’ An Italian Superstar

Jun 22, 2015 1310

Summer has yet to deliver its full range of vegetables, but one stalwart crop that keeps on giving is Brassica rapa (from rapum, Latin for "turnip"). Brimming with flavor, this vegetable is known variously in its native Italy as cime di rapa ("turnip tops"), broccoletti di rape or just rape (pronounced räp'-eh), rapi, rappini, friarielli, vrucculi and a gaggle of other aliases, depending on local dialects.

And as "if this is not confusing enough," says Daniel Nagengast — who imports 700 different heritage seeds to the United States for his company Seeds from Italy — "there are perhaps 15 different cime varieties in southern Italy, and I keep on finding more.

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