An award-winning prosciutto made in Iowa, inspired by Italy

Dec 06, 2013 1979

by Claudia Astarita

Italy magazine recently reported the fascinating story of Herb Eckhouse's prosciutto. It is a Made in the USA ham that is not even trying to rival the famous Parma and San Daniele, rather to take inspiration from them on how to create a business out of the huge availability of pigs in Iowa.

Everything started with three unforgettable years spent in Parma while working in the Italian subsidiary of a company based in Iowa, and continued with Mr. Eckhouse trying to make prosciutto at home and testing what people liked and did not like about it. Today, with a brand new company, La Quercia, Mr. Eckhouse's family is producing the "most amazing prosciutto outside Italy".

Fonte: This is Italy

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