"Courage and sacrifice: the Italian immigrants of Hartford 1860-1960" is now available on Amazon

Jul 14, 2020 865

This very timely book chronicles the plight of Italian immigrants who braved long journeys, prejudice, and enormous sacrifice for the hope of a better future for their families. All of us can relate to its universal message of heroism in facing seemingly insurmountable odds. The families referenced, and the Hartford location are but a microcosm of a broader world. The motivation to learn new ways, work hard, and set an example for our children is captured in the portrayal of American life during this time.

The book is available in e-format for $6.99, or paperback, for $18. Currently it can only be purchased on Amazon but will soon be available at all major retailers.

The author had previously published two other books: “Hartford mayor Ann Uccello: a Connecticut trailblazer” and “From Sicily to Connecticut: one plus one equals three”. All books are available at Amazon.

A native of Canicattini Bagni (SR), Pirrotta emigrated to Hartford in 1970. In 2005 he retired following a 33 years banking career and began his efforts to document the enormous sacrifices and outstanding accomplishments made by the first generation of Italian immigrants.

Pirrotta can be reached at [email protected]


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