Five best spring break in Italy ideas

Feb 02, 2024 694

BY: Rebecca

With family celebrations taking up the winter holidays and the summer a perennial struggle to mesh everyone’s schedules, spring break in Italy can be a great alternative. Schools generally close at least once between March and April, and stay closed for a week (or slightly longer, if you count two weekends); flights are often cheaper during these shoulder-season months; there is more availability for hotels; and guides are fresh and rested after a quiet winter.

There are a few caveats to spending spring break in Italy, of course—unpredictable weather makes packing a bit of a guessing game and some very summer-focused destinations will still be mostly shuttered—but overall the first weeks of spring before the May rush begins are an excellent time of year to visit Italy. Here are five of the best spring break in Italy ideas for March or April!

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