Jakeeno’s Pizza and Pasta in South Minneapolis

Aug 17, 2016 540

by Joshua Page

Restaurants that keep their doors open year after year interest us. They must be doing something right to endure economic slowdowns, food trends, and intense competition. And Jakeeno's has been going strong since 1975. It's survived Generations X, Y, and Z.

What's the key to Jakeeno's longevity? Comfort. It's familiar, unpretentious, and low-key. The staff is easygoing, and the customers clearly pick up the vibe. Even when busy, there's none of the hustle, bustle, and, well, stress (on the part of staff and diners) that often characterize the latest "it" spots. Seemingly impervious to flashy trends, Jakeeno's and its regulars are refreshingly comfortable in their own skins. Why else would we see such an embrace of what we've nicknamed the "Jakeeno's lounge" — a laid-back posture more common on porches than in restaurants?

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