Nov 04, 2013 1809

Ferdinando Marinelli Artistic Foundry - specialized in the traditional lost-wax casting technique - was established in Florence in 1905 thanks to the initiative and foresight of Ferdinando Marinelli Sr., who drew casts of renowned statues of the Classical and Renaissance periods when this was allowed by the Italian regulation. These priceless molds have been carefully preserved by his descendants throughout the years, and still today they are used to realize stunning bronze copies of masterpieces like Ghiberti'sSaint Matthew or the Italic Minerva (V-IV B. C.).

Florence, and Italy in general, are extremely rich in outstanding examples of art works from the past. Yet nowadays drawing casts of ancient sculptures is prohibited by the law, and the only way for the Foundry to get new ones is to accept institutional commissions aimed at protecting the originals by storing them in museums and replacing them with bronze replicas.

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