A walk through the villages with the scent of lavender

Aug 08, 2021 680

Our country is home to vast expanses of lavender. The purple, blue and lilac-coloured flower gives shape to fragrant parks, which are the most popular destinations for lavender lovers. A walk through Italian villages and lavender fields is therefore one of the best ways to leave the greyness of winter behind and to welcome spring and its scents with enthusiasm.

The flower is one of the most suitable for essential oils, indispensable for making rooms cosy or giving clothes the freshness of spring all year round. It is therefore always a good idea to take a walk through the villages surrounded by the scent of lavender. Until a few years ago, one of the most famous places in our country for this flowering was Venzone, a small fourteenth-century municipality in the province of Udine, inhabited by just under two thousand people.

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SOURCE: https://www.e-borghi.com

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