Good Times Will Roll At Benefit For Dick Biondi Documentary

Apr 25, 2019 891

BY: Lorraine Swanson

If you grew up in Chicago during the Top 40 era of AM radio, you probably had a transistor radio tucked under your pillow listening to such legendary Chicago DJs as Ron Britton, Barney Pip, Art Roberts and Larry "Uncle Lar" Lujack spinning the latest rock 'n roll hits. The godfather of them all was Dick Biondi, one of the original "screamers" known for his screaming delivery and wild antics.

At 86, Biondi is still the world's oldest teenager. Biondi is credited as the first DJ to play The Beatles on American radio, and later went on to introduce the Fab Four and the Rolling Stones at their Hollywood Bowl concerts. He also knew Elvis. Biondi wrote song parodies like "On Top Of A Pizza" (to the tune of "On Top Of Old Smokey"), which became regional novelty hits among his legions of teen fans. He's also a member of the National Radio of Fame.

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