Ron Onesti: My culinary journey, and a peek at what’s to come

Feb 02, 2024 673

BY: Ron Onesti

It’s been another long day! I did a cooking segment on WGN TV this morning, which meant I had to prep it last night until about 2 a.m.! Yes, cooking segment! I prepared a recipe of what I call “Sunday Dinner Lasagna Rolls,” topped with my Bolognese Sauce. I gotta say, it was pretty darn good, for a rock ‘n roller! I would not call myself a chef, as there are those who have pledged their lives to the culinary arts and have the schooling to back it up.

However, I began my love for food service at an early age. It all started with four lemonade stands I had on the corners surrounding my block and the next one over at the age of 9 (I could cross alleys but wasn’t allowed to cross the street). I “hired” friends to sell the 25-cent drinks as I provided the Wyler’s lemonade packets and Dixie cups paying them 10 cents a glass.

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