IAP 127: at the Italian Tribune

Jan 28, 2020 889

BY: Stephanie Longo

From its humble origins in Newark, New Jersey, for nearly 90 years, the venerable ‘Italian Tribune’ has grown to become perhaps the most important English-language voice in Italian American media. We’ll meet the inspiring couple who has made this multi-generational Italian family business into not just “the Paper of Record for the Italian American Community,” but who has also bucked the trends of print media with a weekly newspaper that continues to attract a growing and ever-younger audience.
They’ll share the history of this unique periodical, and why its place as a substantial English-language source for Italian American news has always kept it at the epicenter of the Italian experience in America. We’ll also explore the work of “Uncle” Floyd Vivino… the “Italian American Mark Twain,” and how a tight-knit team of five passionate Italian Americans has continued to evolve this venerable institution for an ever-changing population.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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