Italian language books donated to library

Jan 30, 2016 1216

Recently the Hamilton Township Public Library in Mercer County was the recipient of a donation of over one hundred books and other publications, written in Italian, donated by Cav. Mario A. Marano of Toms River, NJ. Hamilton Township and Mercer County have a large population of Italians and Italian Americans. The books are mostly text books covering many academic subjects and are mostly books used by Cav. Marano during his studies in Italy. Some books were donated by Mr. Luigi Marciante of Jackson, NJ. Dr. Gilda Rorro Baldassari arranged the donation with the Hamilton Township Library.

To date, the Hamilton Township Public Library did not have a collection of reading materials in Italian. Cavaliers Marano and Rorro Baldassari are pleased the library Acting Director, Scott Chianese, will establish a reading section in Italian for local residents of all ages and interests.

Source: The Italian Voice


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