New Mrs. B Collection reflects Borlenghi's Italian passion for fine jewelry

Nov 03, 2014 1549

Cathy and Giorgio Borlenghi are a power couple who can't keep still. While he builds some of Houston's most glamorous high-rise towers (Four Leaf, Villa d'Este, Montabello and the new Belfiore), she has created a sparkling new jewelry line, the Mrs. B Collection, that features one-of-a-kind pieces made from Scaramazza pearls.

"I was known for my handbag business and I retired," Borlenghi explained on a recent afternoon at the Hotel Granduca. "Then I got out of retirement. So when Giorgio teases me about getting out of retirement, I say, 'You be quiet.' Because he was retired for three weeks. Now he's building all over the place."

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