UM astrophysicist to be part of team sending NASA mission to the moon

Feb 04, 2020 828

Physics Professor Massimiliano Galeazzi is no stranger when it comes to working with scientists and astrophysicists at NASA. Back in 2018, he participated in the Poker Flat Sounding Rocket Campaign with NASA and other academic institutions to launch three rockets into outer space from a site in Alaska.

For that mission, Galeazzi was the principal investigator for the DXL (Diffuse X-rays from the Local Galaxy) mission, which was designed to study X-rays coming from two different sources in space. Now, as NASA sets its sights on returning to the Moon and even farther—to Mars—Galeazzi once again finds himself on the brink of scientific and space exploration as a member of a team created to study the Moon and explore more of its surface, which is part of NASA’s Artemis lunar program.

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