The Great Sandwich Quest: Casetta’s meatball hero

Nov 08, 2018 669

BY: Clint Robus

Casetta Kitchen and Counter is an Italian-American deli in the Network222 building on West Washington Avenue just off the Square. The word Casetta, according to the restaurant’s website, means “little house” in Italian — and with the grill right behind the counter, you did get the feeling of being in a friend’s kitchen, even with the hip, urban atmosphere. It was bustling during the lunch hour when I stopped to try the Monday meatball sandwich special.

The sandwich came on a toasted hero roll and the crunchiness helped offset the texture of the meatballs and tomato sauce. There was a little sweetness to the bread as well which settled some of the acidity from the tomato sauce. The meatballs were a little bland. They were cooked well and had a good firm consistency, but I just couldn’t detect a whole lot of seasoning in the meatball itself. Luckily, the tomato sauce really made up for it.

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