Cross-cultural exhibit on migration opens in Perugia September 2

Jul 10, 2022 282

BY: Rita Cipalla

The Migration Project, an international exhibition bringing together 10 artists from Seattle and Italy, will open in Perugia Sept. 2 through Oct. 9. Curated by Antonio Carlo Ponti, the exhibit can be seen at the Civic Museum, located in the Palazzo della Penna in the heart of the city. The Migration Project is a juried-art show that includes 10 artists who created works based on their interpretation of the concept of migration.

The range of artists selected and the media they use are as diverse as their interpretations of the thought-provoking theme.  Five artists were selected to represent Seattle. They are: Humaira Abid, Iole Alessandrini, Mary Coss, Paul Goldstein, and Malayka Gormally. The five artists from Italy are: Paolo Lattaioli, Sandford & Gosti, Tonina Cecchetti, Vilma Lok and Kim Hee Jin. Here is a brief look at some of the artists who make up this talented group.

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