This Free-Access Digital Database is the First Large-Scale Effort to Map Italy's Fascist History

Dec 05, 2022 178

A new free-access online database maps out more than 1,400 monuments, buildings, street signs and plaques that bear witness to Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime. All over Italy are vestiges of its fascist past, and the Luoghi Fascismo (“Places of Fascism”) mapping project aims to bring the country’s darkest chapter into the mainstream for a reckoning.

Launched by the Milan-based Istituto Nazionale Ferruccio Parri — named for the anti-fascist politician who served as the 29th prime minister of Italy — the map is a not-yet-comprehensive reconstruction of “places of remembrance” linked to Italian fascism and the resistance movement it ignited. Featured points of interest span the period from Mussolini’s 1919 coinage of the term “fascism” until 1945. (Notably, however, the map's clickable descriptions are not yet accompanied by imagery.)

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