New book publication: “My Caruso”

Feb 27, 2018 2055

The twentieth century began with the promise of new inventions, art forms, the automobile and much more that would stimulate the most significant expansion of creativity not experienced since the Renaissance. Along with the promise of a new age, came a rebirth of music’s highest form…the Opera. The music of Puccini, Verdi, Leoncavallo, and many others brought a new and exciting dimension to the Opera house around the world. Coupled with these landmark composers was a young Italian by the name of Enrico Caruso. He would single-handedly bring the art form to the masses.

Today, a world-renowned museum dedicated to his memory is housed in a facility in Brooklyn, New York. Founder and curator, Commendatore, Aldo Mancusi has devoted his life to a living memorial to the great tenor.

A new book, “My Caruso,” brings to the public, never before pictures, letters and an oral tradition that dates back to the turn of the century with actual conversations held between Caruso and Marziale Sisca, editor of La Foligia –New York’s premier Italian Newspaper. Those conversations were heard and experienced by Sisca’s son, Michael and then on to the author, Aldo Mancusi who had a close relationship with the editor’s son.

Today, the book, My Caruso, brings these conversations, humor, and all the intimacies that made the young Italian nothing less than a living legend in the world of Opera.

Aldo Mancusi’s book contains one-of-a-kind pictures, letters, programs, photos, and dozens of personal items owned by Caruso himself. The book is literally a “Walk through the Museum” as the author has carefully selected the rarest and very best pieces to showcase the life of the great tenor. If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, you’re in for a tour of Caruso’s life through the pages of this literary masterwork…thanks to the joint effort of Aldo and noted author, David Mercaldo, Ph.D.

SOURCE: Enrico Caruso Museum

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