Keep Columbus Day

Jun 12, 2019 596

BY: Albert J. Cupo President, Dante Alighieri Society of Jersey City

Recent efforts have been launched to rescind Columbus Day. I, speaking on behalf of the Dante Alighieri Society, firmly believe that the voyages of Christopher Columbus represent a tremendous human achievement. Collectively, they symbolize a documented “first encounter.”

That being said, the importance of Columbus’s voyages should not be – should never be – trivialized. For that reason, The Dante Alighieri Society fully supports the continuation of Columbus Day as a recognized holiday. Columbus Day was first celebrated in New York in 1792, the 300th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage. A century later, Congress designated Columbus Day a national holiday to be celebrated each October 12; and, in 1971, Columbus Day became a federal holiday observed on the second Monday of October. 

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