750th Anniversary of Dante's Birth Lecture

Sep 18, 2015 610

If you want to learn more about Dante Alighieri, the major Italian late Middle Ages poet, famous for "La Divina Commedia", "La Vita Nuova", "Convivio" and other Masterpieces Join us on this exciting upcoming Lecture on September 23 at University of St. Thomas, Jones Hall 7:00 pm

More than seven centuries after he was born, Dante is still speaking to us. His world was completely different from ours, yet his poetry of salvation, and his message of salvation through poetry, has never ceased to haunt modernity and postmodernity alike. Why are we still fascinated by Dante? What's Dante's message to us, and to the future? The event is free, open to the public. Refreshments will be served after the event.

Source: Italian Cultural and Community Center of Houston

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