After debate over Columbus' role in history, Dallas City Council recognizes Indigenous Peoples' Day

Oct 09, 2019 403

BY: Hayat Norimine

Frequenters of Dallas City Hall on Tuesday could hear the clatter of buffalo horn beads as Leroy Peña walked through the council chambers. Under the beads, he wore a red ribbon shirt passed down to him from generations before him. A leader in the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas, Peña said his tribe fought for Texas in the Battle of the Alamo, violating a peace treaty with another tribe to help settlers.

"You don't see that in the history books," Peña said. The Dallas City Council on Tuesday approved recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Day -- a nod to the American Indians who lived on Southern land long before white settlers came and forcibly relocated them to Oklahoma. Currently Texas has only three reservations.

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