Columbus day in Texas- A Dallas i Leaders della comunita' Italiana chiedono al Sindaco e alla giunta di ripristinare il Columbus day

Oct 11, 2021 594

BY: Vincenzo Arcobelli

Si sono riuniti nel tradizionale luogo Continental Avenue Bridge West Dallas Gateway dove si svolge di consueto la celebrazione del Columbus day e l'Italian Festival, i Rappresentanti delle varie Associazioni Italo Americane, assieme al Cons.del Cgie Vincenzo Arcobelli, per una breve conferenza stampa, dove si annuncia per il prossimo anno l'evento dedicato soprattutto alla comunità Italo americana, richiedendo al Sindaco e all' intero Consiglio di ripristinare il Columbus day, dopo che il giorno 8 di Ottobre del 2019 con il metodo di seguire il trend "di cancellare una cultura ", fu sostituita con la " giornata degli indigeni".

Link for the Video Report Press Conference:


Dear Mayor Johnson and City Council Members, On October 8, 2019, Dallas City Council passed a resolution to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day.

While we are totally in favor of celebrating a day as Indigenous Peoples' Day, we believe that taking away a celebration day from one group and giving it to another group is not the best way to do it. Italian Americans respect all ethnic group traditions, and we favor the preservation of history, but we want to make sure that the celebration to give tribute to Italian Americans known as "Columbus Day" will remain untouched. We Italian Americans want the same respect in keeping alive and celebrating our traditions and heritage.

In 1892, Italian Americans responded to the horrific slaughter of 11 innocent Italians in New Orleans, the deadliest lynching in U.S. history, with a gift to the people of New York — a monument of Columbus, enshrined in Columbus Circle with the words, "To the world, he gave a world."

Since 1920, October 12 has been an annual national celebration, and in 1971, the second Monday in October was designated a federal holiday. Columbus Day recognizes countless Italians and Italian American pioneers who, with a great spirit of discovery, pursued the unknown. Indeed, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs have all worked together to better the world. Today, about 500,000 Americans of Italian descent reside in Texas. Their hard work and contribution to society is obvious. We, as the Italian American community, strive to make additional contributions to assist the city of Dallas in shaping cultural life and participating in more activities in the future.

The inaugural Columbus Day Parade as well as the subsequent events were held over the unique and historical Continental Bridge Avenue and West Dallas Gateway, today called (Ronald Kirk Bridge-Felix H. Lozada, Sr.) to symbolize the connection of all the communities. As an expression of joy, all participants were provided with live music, Italian food, kids activities, dancing class, art and car exhibition, and the opportunity to experience the scenic view of Downtown Dallas. The celebration of Columbus Day and Italian Festival has an additional meaning: To honor Italy's rich heritage and the enduring bonds between our countries during the month of October, which is dedicated to the Italian language and culture in the world, and to share a moment of friendship with the community at large.

Celebrating Columbus Day as part of our heritage remains critically valuable to our community, not only to Italian Americans, but to all Americans.

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