Radical Italian Art Goes Over the Top, Dazzlingly, in Houston

Mar 03, 2020 259

Radical: Italian Design, 1965–1985, from the Dennis Freedman Collection is the unusual, fascinating new show at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. The “Radical movement” — composed of young Italian artists, teachers, and architects — was a fleeting, disorganized one, with more than a few aesthetic bomb throwers. Prepare for an abundance of fun, even kinky chairs, tables, cabinets, and lamps. The Radicals were scrappy intellects, too, advancing entirely new ways to think about design.

I visited the great Houston museum last week. This is the first of two stories about the museum’s programs. Later this week, I’ll write about its show of the late work of Francis Bacon and its new Steven Holl wing, now under construction.

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SOURCE: https://www.nationalreview.com

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