The 15 most colorful Italian cities in autumn: Italian foliage cities

Oct 29, 2018 814


Autumn is the time of the year when Nature shows us all its surprising colors and shades. In the same way, after the dazzling summer season many Italian cities are full of suggestive and colorful attractions of unquestionable charm, adding extra appeal to the places which are an absolute must to visit. Here we offer a review of the most colorful Italian cities in the autumn season. An opportunity to discover or rediscover some of the most beautiful places in Italy.


Autumn is a good excuse to visit – but also to return to – the city of Turin. Its regal and slightly melancholic elegance is exalted during this season, enhancing the charm of its arcades and its historic center. And then, how can we forget its most famous chocolates, the Gianduiotti, and the great attraction of one of the finest Italian cuisines?

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