10 ideas for celebrating Halloween in Italy

Oct 30, 2021 1173

When you say Halloween in Italy, there are still those who turn up their noses because we give space to a product and a holiday that does not belong to us. But are we sure of this? We all know that it's an American holiday with an Irish tradition dating back to Celtic times. But there is a good chance that Halloween in Italy existed before the Celts existed in prehistoric times

Some experts in folk traditions claim that Halloween already existed in Italy but under a different name. It was an ancient agro-pastoral festival called Dodekaemeron (12 days). It marked the end of agricultural activities and the beginning of the cold season, which was also the season of the dead—twelve days, straddling the end of October and the beginning of November when they believed that the dead could return to the world of the living

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SOURCE: https://www.visititaly.eu

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